Porcine Tongue Hysteroscopy: A Novel Simulation Model for Operative Hysteroscopy Teaching

312 Views | Sep 27, 2019

Authors: Emily Wright, Kate Smith, Michael Suen, Neeraj Mehra

Affliations: University of British Columbia

Hysteroscopic surgery is a fundamental skill for all obstetricians and gynaecologists. Time pressure within each case and inadequate OR exposure times can limit hands-on skills acquisition for residents. In order to ensure residents are obtaining and practicing fundamental skills, it is essential to develop teaching methods that can be used outside of an OR setting. The porcine tongue model is a simple and inexpensive model for operative hysteroscopy teaching that is both realistic and effective in teaching residents the fundamentals of hysteroscopic surgery. This presentation outlines the assembly of the model, as well as shows real-time use of the model for teaching.