IR-Guided Access to Uterine Cavity in a Case of Severe Cervical Stenosis

303 Views | Sep 27, 2019

Authors: Caroline Lee, Lindsay Machan, Neeraj Mehra

Affliations: University of British Columbia

A 42-year-old G1P1 woman presented with a history of adenocarcinoma in situ that was treated with a complete LEEP excision. She had severe cervical stenosis with no external os visible that prevented ongoing endocervical monitoring. Due to a desire to preserve fertility, she declined a hysterectomy. She underwent multiple attempted hysteroscopies without any success. Thus, she was booked for an interventional radiology (IR)-guided cannulation of her cervix and hysteroscopic release of cervical stenosis. Here, we demonstrate a case of IR-guided access to uterine cavity in a case of severe cervical stenosis.