Parametrial Endometriosis Part 3: Introducing a Nerve Sparing Technique to the Parametrectomy

188 Views | Sep 24, 2020

Authors: Darl Edwards, Zi Ying Zhao, Jonathon Solnik, Nucelio Lemos

Affliations: University of Toronto, Mount Sinai Hospital

This is the third video of a series introducing the concept of parametrial endometriosis (PE) and describing our surgical approach in treating this particular disease presentation. The objective of this video is to review the anatomy and innervation of the parametrium and introduce the surgical technique and efficacy of the Laparoscopic Nerve-Sparing Ultralateral Resection (LaNSURe) of PE. This educational video introduces the nerve-sparing surgical treatment of PE and reviews initial results of a retrospective review of these patients. It is a compilation of anatomy schematics and surgical video clips demonstrating the novel LaNSURe surgical technique in patients diagnosed with PE. PE is a unique presentation of endometriosis with a specific constellation of signs and symptoms. This video introduces the surgical technique of our novel LaNSURe surgical technique of PE which has demonstrated encouraging initial results improving pain and quality of life. Long-term follow up will be completed in the future.