Parametrial Endometriosis Part 2: Clinical Diagnosis and Correlation of Medical Imaging with Laparos

218 Views | Sep 24, 2020

Authors: Darl Edwards, Zi Ying Zhao, Jonathon Solnik, Nucelio Lemos

Affliations: University of Toronto, Mount Sinai Hospital

This is the second video of a series introducing the concept of parametrial endometriosis (PE) and describing our approach to diagnosing and treating this particular disease presentation. The objective of this video is to discuss the presenting signs and symptoms associated to this condition as well as provide an approach for clinical workup and diagnosis. It is a compilation of anatomy schematics, medical imaging and surgical video clips demonstrating the anatomy, clinical and diagnostic findings, and describing the infiltration patterns of PE. We then present some pictorial cases correlating the clinical, imaging and surgical findings. PE is a unique presentation of endometriosis with a specific constellation of symptoms and clinical findings. This video series introduces this concept and teaches the approach to clinical diagnosis setting the bases for the next video in the series, which describes the surgical technique and results of the Laparoscopic Nerve-Sparing Ultralateral Resection (LaNSURe) of PE.