Approach to the Laparoscopic Excision of Bladder Endometriosis

54 Views | Sep 14, 2021

Authors: Dong Bach Nguyen, Kristina Arendas, Caitlin Jago, Jeffrey Warren, Sukhbir S. Singh

Affliations: University of Ottawa

Objective: To describe a stepwise approach to the laparoscopic excision of bladder endometriosis. Methods: Narrated surgical video based on footage from three cases of bladder endometriosis excision, detailing the relevant anatomy, surgical approach and post-operative care. Results: The approach to the excision of bladder endometriotic nodules can be standardized in 6 reproducible steps: (1) cystoscopy; (2) abdominal survey; (3) bladder mobilization; (4) partial bladder cystectomy under cystoscopic guidance; (5) cystotomy closure; (6) water-leak test. Conclusion: The safe and complete excision of bladder endometriosis relies on the understanding of anatomy, the multi-disciplinary aspect of patient care, and the standardization of the surgical approach.

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