A Stepwise Approach to Lefort Colpocleisis

57 Views | Sep 15, 2021

Authors: Samantha Benlolo, Elizabeth Miazga, Annette Epp, Alysha Nensi, Dana Soroka

Affliations: St. Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto

Objective: The objective of this educational video is to describe the technique and required equipment for performing a LeFort partial colpocleisis using surgical footage as well as a low cost surgical model. Methods: Using surgical footage and low-cost surgical model, we demonstrate a LeFort partial colpocleisis in six steps. (1) Proper patient positioning, (2) mark rectangular resection area, (3) dissect and resect vaginal epithelium, (4) place red rubber catheter to allow for lateral channels, (5) reduce prolapse using sequential pursestring sutures, (6) perineorrhaphy. Conclusion: Pelvic organ prolapse affects the quality of life of many patients, and one in nine will require corrective surgery by the age of 80. LeFort partial colpocleisis is a highly successful, minimally invasive surgical approach that is indicated in patients with pelvic organ prolapse who are no longer having vaginal intercourse and/or have comorbidities that prohibit a more extensive procedure. This video provides a stepwise approach to performing a LeFort partial colpocleisis.

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