It's in the Bag! A Review of Laparoscopic Specimen Retrieval

39 Views | Sep 15, 2021

Authors: Elizabeth Miazga, Samantha Benlolo, Eliane M. Shore, Carmen McCaffrey, Andrea Simpson, Deborah Robertson, Sari Kives, Alysha Nensi

Affliations: St. Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto

Choosing a laparoscopic specimen bag is a common decision point in gynecologic surgery. There is limited literature reviewing this topic. Laparoscopic bag selection can impact operative time, clinician frustration and health care costs. This video reviews available laparoscopic specimen bags, sizes and their advantages and disadvantages. It discusses considerations in choosing a bag for different pathology and procedures and presents an approach to laparoscopic specimen retrieval. Video footage is used to present different techniques which can be used to avoid common problems and frustrations faced when using a laparoscopic bag. There is a large variety of laparoscopic specimen bags available, reflecting the breadth of gynecologic procedures and specimens. Specimen size and pathology are the biggest factors when choosing an appropriate bag. Bags can range in price from twenty to over two-hundred dollars, making knowledge of the prices important in a cost-conscious healthcare system.

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