FAQs about the CanSAGE Video Library:

Will I get credit for my video?

Yes! Authors and institutional affiliations for each video will be featured and searchable.

What is the advantage of posting the CanSAGE Video Library?

Videos take a lot of effort and time to make, and are an invaluable educational resource. Posting to the CanSAGE Video Library ensures that your educational material is available to your colleagues to learn from. It also gives you ongoing credit for your hard work.

What if my video has been published in a medical journal, can it still be posted to CanSAGE Video Library?

Elsevier journals (eg. JMIG, Fertility & Sterility, AJOG) will allow authors to freely share published material 12 months following publication. We advise waiting 12 months from the date of publication before uploading your video to the CanSAGE Video Library. If you are planning to publish your work in the future, it can be uploaded to the video library in the interim and then easily taken down at the time of publication.

Can I post my video to CanSAGE Video Library if it has been submitted as an video abstract to a conference (eg. AAGL, SOGC, CanSAGE)?

Yes! There is no conflict to share your video for educational purposes on our video library.

I have additional videos that I would like to post on the Video Library that were not presented at the CanSAGE conferences. Can I post these?

Absolutely! Please contact us at cansageVL@gmail.com to make arrangements.