CanSAGE 2022 | 53 – Enhancing M&M Rounds with the OR Black Box: a Case of Uterine Perforation at Hysteroscopy

Video Description

Surgical complications happen, but it is essential to review these events to learn how to optimize care and avoid similar situations in the future. The Operating Room (OR) black box is a new technology that records audio and video footage from the operating room which is analyzed to improve patient care. It is also a promising tool to enhance morbidity and mortality rounds by reviewing surgical complications with real-time footage of the adverse event and context in which it happened. This video reviews the operating room (OR) black box, its functions and utility in enhanced morbidity and mortality rounds. A case of uterine perforation at hysteroscopy is presented using OR black box footage in the style of an enhanced morbidity and mortality rounds to demonstrate its utility and review important safety considerations for hysteroscopy.

Presented By

Dr. Elizabeth Miazga
Dr. Teodor Grantcharov
Dr. Akanksha Kulshreshtha
Dr. Eliane M. Shore
Dr. Vanessa Palter