CanSAGE 2022 | 58 – Ovarian Cryopreservation – The Time is Now: A Laparoscopic Approach to Tissue Harvesting

Video Description

Advances in oncologic treatments have increased survival and resulted in a strong interest in fertility preservation in young female oncology patients. Treatments offered include: ovarian stimulation followed by oocyte retrieval, GnRH agonist use during chemotherapy, a method now considered insufficient by the ASRM1 and relocation of the ovaries outside of the pelvis in patients undergoing radiotherapy. Ovarian stimulation requires approximately two weeks and is not an option for prepubertal girls. Over 1302 live births have been reported in women who have had ovarian tissue cryopreservation (OTC) and re-transplantation. Accordingly, it should be offered to patients as it can be completed expeditiously, reducing delays in oncologic management. Additionally, it can be offered to prepubertal girls. OTC remains underutilized in Canada, however, is a safe, efficient, and feasible form of fertility preservation. We present an approach that minimizes the thermal damage with the intent to maximize the number of primordial follicles preserved.

Presented By

Dr. Neha Sarna
Dr Karen Glass
Dr. Jamie Kroft