CanSAGE 2022 | 64 – Laparoscopic Management Of An Atypical Presentation Of A Large Degenerated Fibroid During Pregnancy

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Video Description

This video highlights key strategic steps in evaluating an atypical presentation of uterine fibroid degeneration during pregnancy. Management strategies include a careful review of the patient’s history, appropriate physical exam, and evaluation of prior imaging studies. The role of expert ultrasound evaluation is crucial to the patient’s care as it provides more insight into the pathology encountered, which will facilitate an appropriate treatment plan after reviewing the available options. Collaboration with other teams is essential to provide a complete analysis that will ultimately ensure patients’ autonomy in the process.

In addition to the above, laparoscopic surgery is a feasible option during pregnancy that allows direct evaluation and specifically in this case diagnosis and surgical intervention with the aim to prolong a safe pregnancy.

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Dr. Hanan Alsalem
Dr. Nicholas Leyland
Dr. Jayesh Tigdi
Dr. Mathew Leonardi
Dr. Geoffery Zeni