Laparoscopic Burch Colposuspension

Video Description

In this video, we demonstrate a step-wise approach to perform a laparoscopic Burch colposuspension. This approach includes the following:

1) Identification of relevant anatomy and important landmarks for the procedure

2) the opening of the space of Retzius

3) Isolating the bilateral paravaginal tissue and the bilateral Cooper’s ligaments

4) Suturing the paravaginal tissue to the ipsilateral Cooper’s ligament.

Systematic review and randomized controlled trials support the efficacy of the laparoscopic approach in terms of limiting blood loss, postoperative pain and shorter hospital stays compared to the open method.

Thus, literature supports the conclusion that there are no significant differences in postoperative continence rates between the approaches.

Presented By

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Dr. Joalee Paquette
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Dr. Janet Bodley
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Dr. Patricia Lee
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Dr. Louise-Helene Gagnon
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Dr. Jamie Kroft
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Dr. Rose Kung


University of Toronto