Laparoscopic Gonadectomy in Turner’s Mosaicism

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Turner syndrome (TS) affects 25-50 per 100 000 females. All individuals with suspected TS should have a standard 20-cell karyotype.

Gonadectomy is indicated in Y-containing karyotypes, which occurs in 6 – 11% of TS individuals, as it carries 10-30% risk of developing gonadal tumors such as gonadoblastoma or dysgerminoma with metastatic potential.

This video presents a case of delayed presentation of Turner’s mosaicism. We review the the importance of karyotype investigation, indications for gonadectomy that is done for malignancy prevention in TS, the multidisciplinary approach to pre-operative and long-term post-operative management.

We also demonstrate surgical considerations and anatomical variations expected in these cases during laparoscopic gonadectomy for malignancy prevention, including underdeveloped uterus, streak gonads and high insertion of infundibulopelvic ligament.

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Dr. Anna Shishkina
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Dr. Siddhi Mathur
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Dr. Lisa Allen


Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto