Laparoscopic Technique for Extraction of Large Abdominopelvic Masses

Video Description

This video reviews the preoperative evaluation of patients presenting with large abdominopelvic masses including history, physical exam, imaging and tumor markers. It also displays and discusses described methods of drainage and spill containment for these large pelvic masses.

Finally, it explains and demonstrates a new technique for efficient laparoscopic excision and extraction of large abdominopelvic masses which can be employed by surgeons of various levels of comfort with laparoscopy.

The video shows this technique employed for a cyst that measured 15 x 13 cm with benign features on ultrasound that was managed entirely laparoscopically and easily removed through an 8 mm port site with no spill.

Presented By

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Dr. Kristin Ambacher
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Dr. Meghan O’Leary


University of Calgary