“Over the Rainbow”: A Simplified Method for Intracorporeal Knot-Tying

Video Description

Intracorporeal knot tying is an essential skill for a laparoscopic surgeon. Acquiring this ability may be intimidating for learners. There are numerous methods available, many of which can be confusing to the learner. This video presents a straight-forward, easily replicable technique with related suturing pitfalls and tips. We highlight several advantages to this technique over others:

1) The surgeon holds the suture versus the needle, decreasing inadvertent visceral injury.

2) It involves switching hands, ensuring square knots, and ease in lying knots flat.

3) It is particularly useful when there is a large defect to close and a long suture is needed (ie. Vaginal vault), vs a single knot.

4) It is easy to learn and teach regardless of handedness because both hands are used equally.

Presented By

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Dr. Lauren Jain
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Dr. Deborah Robertson
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Dr. Eliane Shore


University of Toronto