Parametrial Endometriosis Part 1: A Correlation of Parametrial Anatomy and Disease Presentation

Video Description

This is the first video of a series introducing the concept of parametrial endometriosis (PE) and describing our approach to diagnosing and treating this particular disease.

The objective of this video is to discuss anatomy and innervation of the parametrium and explain presenting signs and symptoms associated to this condition.

This educational video includes a compilation of anatomy schematics, surgical video clips, and cadaveric dissections demonstrating the anatomy in the innervation of the parametrium and its correlation with the specific symptoms and signs of PE.

This is part of an ongoing retrospective-prospective study that currently includes 28 patients who underwent surgical parametrectomies for the treatment of PE. PE is a unique presentation of endometriosis with a specific constellation of symptoms.

This video introduces this concept and sets the fundamental anatomic bases for the next videos in the series which describe diagnosis, as well as the LaNSURe surgical technique.

Presented By

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Dr. Darl Edwards
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Dr. Zi Ying Zhao
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Dr. Nucelio Lemos


University of Toronto, Mount Sinai Hospital