The Visceral Slide Test and the Prediction of Intraadominal Adhesions

Video Description

This video presents a description and demonstration of the visceral slide test, which can be used preoperatively to detect intraabdominal adhesions.

The test is performed with the probe is aligned in the sagittal plane and settings optimized to visualize the plane between the rectus abdominis and the viscera. The patient is then asked to take a large breath in while the movement of the viscera is observed.

This rapid and simple test can be completed in the clinic, on the day of surgery, or in the operating room following anesthesia. Possible benefits of the visceral slide test include more informed discussion regarding individual surgical risk, accurate prediction of adhesion presence or absence, and a reduced risk of bowel injury. The visceral slide test has been shown to be both sensitive and specific in the prediction of intraabdominal adhesions and is a valuable tool for the laparoscopic surgeon.

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Dr. Peter Thiel
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Dr. Justin Mui


University of Saskatchewan