Uterine Dehiscence – Laparoscopic Uterine Repair in Early Pregnancy

Video Description

Objective: This video demonstrates a case of complete uterine dehiscence in early pregnancy. The objective is to describe the approach to complete uterine dehiscence in the first trimester, review current literature and demonstrate surgical uterine repair in early pregnancy to facilitate term live birth.

Design: Compilation of anatomy schematics, medical imaging and surgical video clips that introduces a case of complete uterine dehiscence from our tertiary academic center. It includes workup and imaging involved followed by demonstration of laparoscopic surgical repair.

Conclusion: An increased number of caesarean sections and improved quality of ultrasound imaging has led to an increase in incidental findings of caesarean scar defects. The risk of spontaneous pre-labour uterine rupture remains unknown as there is a literature gap in this area regarding appropriate standard of care. This video demonstrates ultrasound-guided laparoscopic repair is possible; however, further studies are required to establish safety and efficacy of the approach.

Presented By

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Dr. Darl Louis Edwards
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Dr. Homero Flores
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Dr. Wendy Whittle


Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto