Step-by-Step Guide to the Surgical Management of Interstitial Ectopic Pregnancy

Video Description

The purpose of this educational video is to provide a brief overview of interstitial ectopic pregnancy, describe a rare case of a recurrent interstitial ectopic pregnancy after previous ipsilateral cornuectomy and demonstrate a minimally invasive surgical approach to management.

We describe the case of a 38 year old G5P2 woman who presented with imaging concerning for a left interstitial ectopic pregnancy. She had previously undergone a left salpingectomy and left uterine wedge resection for separate pregnancies making the case complex and clinically fascinating.

While recurrent interstitial ectopic pregnancy does pose a high risk to patients, it can be safely managed with a minimally invasive surgical approach when techniques focused on surgical planning, blood conservation, vigilant post operative care and extensive patient counseling are implemented

Presented By

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Dr. Humara Edell
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Dr. Deborah Robertson


University of Toronto