Tubal Re-Implantation Following Hysteroscopic Tubal Sterilization

Video Description

Approximately 450 000 hysteroscopic tubal sterilization with micro-inserts have been performed worldwide. The Essure™ hysteroscopic tubal occlusion system is a micro-coil system that is placed at the uterotubal junction. Benign tissue in-growth is stimulated within the Essure™ coil resulting in tubal occlusion.

Considering the cornual site of occlusion , in-vitro fertilization is the best treatment option offered to patients who desire pregnancy following this procedure. However, due to a variety of personal reasons, patients may not choose assisted reproductive technology and other options are required.

In this video, we propose a novel laparoscopic technique of tubal re-implantation following hysteroscopic tubal sterilization. The surgical steps, technical tips along with postoperative management will be discussed.

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University of Saskatchewan